Tucson Models

We are the top company for models in Tucson. Our Agency is a non profit organization aim to help young models succeed!

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Welcome to Tucson Models

Tucson Models, since its creation in 1990 by its director Mike Mayers, is one of the agencies representing actors and stronger and most prestigious models on the market. It is a leader as a reference for the media – television, radio and the press attending Tucson Models for his honesty and responsibility for information and opinion on hot and disturbing issues surrounding the sector. Tucson Models is a source of reference for their knowledge of the current market and for pioneering new computer technologies applied to professional environment agency representation.

What are the priorities?

One of our goals is maintaining values and professional when working with our clients represented and criteria. We tried – as mediators who are in hiring and services loans- find the perfect harmony to meet the needs of the sector that the market demand at all times.

What have we done so far?

We have done over the years countless collaborations with hundreds of companies in audiovisual productions and graphic advertising, film and television, fashion and events. Similarly, we have provided hundreds of jobs represented during these years have come to be in our portfolio, as well as actors, models and fashion advertising, presenters, dancers and artists.

How long web page exists?

Our website, created in 2000, pioneered agencies worldwide. Currently we remain at the top of search on the network, thus the Agency Tucson Models is visible to every person and company that needs our services.

Who do we represent?

Many of our constituents are now famous for his career day. At first, they took their first steps in the hands of our Agency Tucson Models. We also Have connection with big media outlets such as Girlterest and Hairstylehub . That fills us with pride and makes us continue with our policy of serious and professional work, a policy that has made most of our represented are with Tucson Models from the beginning. We also encouraged to teach and help those models and new actors, in view of the work we do, trust in our company and in our projects. We are continually expanding file represented, personally selecting all the people who want and can work on it and guiding his career in its infancy. We encourage all those who have the concern to meet this sector to try to enter it in our hand.