Now is the turn of acrylic nails, so you can look an ideal manicure this summer. In BlogMujeres better we know their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages that entails using some acrylic nails.
Its color is pink and original, however its appearance is somewhat thicker than natural, with greater resistance to the breaks. Acrylic nails are one of the toughest to overcome the daily work, homework … and stay as the first day Who said that with manicure can not do anything?

Acrylic comes from a combination of a special liquid and powdered polymer; making once false nails sticking firmly to natural, polished and later dried getting the result is a layer with much consistency, like a hard plastic with a very similar appearance to the nail a person.

One of its best advantages is the duration, is the manicure lasts longer. If you are careful and keep well they can last up to 6 months perfectly.

It is a technique with a more affordable price fit any pocket. For example the gel have a higher price.

Its appearance is somewhat thicker than natural, with greater resistance to the breaks and giving an appearance of healthy nails invite you to look at your hands and not have to hide.
The variety of design, drawing enamel or you can choose with the wide variety of possibilities for a unique nail design. And the nail art is an art that few control perfectly Like create your own nail designs?

To remove acrylic nails is much faster and comfortable than placement. You have to introduce about 30 minutes the hands tucked in acetone until the nail tip dispose Very easy!

Acrylic to be as consistent and resistant nails have a time placement acrylic nails two hours, which can be a little heavy. Therefore to be more complex and require more time the price is higher.

If not done properly manicure can run a high risk of infection and our nail may damage or lead to more serious problems such as fungi and infections. They can also cause an allergy for the products used, so take care.
They should take care and have a much more extensive maintenance. If you want to keep them in perfect condition you should go to your stylist every three weeks to fill the growth of your nail and manicure can look 10.

One of the drawbacks that we dislike most is their smell, which is quite strong for all chemicals it carries.