The bathroom color is a simple and fast way to change the tone of your natural hair, whether to darken and lighten it. We tell you what are the advantages of this color bath.
The bathroom is an aesthetic color staining technique that allows you to change hair color, two-tone may clarify or darken the natural tone of it. We could say that the color bath serves to refine the color and even to give a little more shine when hair is off.

Unlike the dye bath color does not contain ammonia and only cover a tone on tone. you can also use to refine the wicks you’ve done previously.


One of the main advantages of color bath over other systems is that coloring does not damage both hair, as it contains aggressive agents such as ammonia.
In turn, the bathroom color is lost with every wash, so we are not facing a permanent coloration which is going to notice much the contrast of colors depending on the color is being lost.

This impermanence also allows you to make changes quickly about your new hair tone without the Danish excess.

Bath color may serve to change the tone of your hair, it’s true, but you can also use it to refine the wicks you’ve done with your hair and make it a spectacular result.

If you’ve tried with masks and natural oils to restore the natural shine of your hair tone but have not been able, another option may be the use of color bath to restore some luster and attractive tone hair.

For those that you have a tight schedule, either for work or children, and I find it very difficult to go to the hairdresser, the best of color bath is that you can apply at home without being a complex aesthetic treatment . That is, just follow the step by step indicated without taking a course.

More and more cosmetic brands and products colored bathing, so you will be much easier to find one that has the best value – price and tone that you like.