7 errors that we must avoid to wash our faces. You do daily mechanically, so it is very easy to make mistakes without realizing it. In another article we talk Blogmujerse
how to make a homemade wrinkle cream, today we tell you that sometimes make mistakes to wash our faces.

Every morning when we wake up or every night, in the shower or sink. Washing your face is a gesture that gives us freshness. It happens that there are things we can do wrong (and not a day or two), but are habits that can damage our skin. Which can be go over.

Actually it is not a mistake, “when washing your face” is that out of laziness or tiredness sometimes not desmaquillamos us. Desmaquillarse is important, even if it’s 4 in the morning and get tired of a night. If only you feel like sleeping.
During the night the body relaxes and regenerates, if you have your eyelashes mascara covers, shade your eyelids and your cheeks makeup, illuminator, compact powder or blush … difficult is that the skin can be regenerated.

If you do not desmaquillas face and eyes your skin is, you favor you will leave granites or irritate the skin. Many irritations ‘today’ in the area of the eyes or face come from ‘desmaquillado not have to go to sleep’

Especially the eyes and the skin around them suffer a lot if you do not desmaquillas. The made-up eyelashes mascara if you do not remove tend to become brittle. Pencil or shadow that you use, if you do not desmaquillas can become mixed with dirt and particulates environmental producirte eyelid irritation or eyes. Remove your makeup you can do it in minutes, not take it away from laziness spoils your skin.
To avoid temptation not desmaquillarte if you are tired, have hand soap for the face or micellar water and a soft cotton or paper. One minute you wash your face with soap and dry you. In half a minute soak a cotton swab in eye makeup remover you take off the mask tab, shadow etc. There are even “emergency solutions”. Cleansing wipes for example, that in cases of trouble just have to pasártelas face and help you to remove makeup. Use only in case of trouble, as then you see the point number 6.


errors that we must avoid to wash our face, which is quite common especially in winter. We have always heard that what is best preserves the cold, and it is. Use hot water or hot may encourage small veins appear and also heat tends to dry the skin. Whether summer or winter cold or at best lukewarm water case, do not use hot water to wash your face.

Except in situations of extreme heat or have sweated a lot, not good wash your face 5 or more times a day. Cleanliness is good but too much can lead to lipid mantle of the skin damage and skin are damaged. The lipid layer is composed of fatty substances that give the skin more flexibility. We talk a lot washing the face for a continuous time, if you wash your face 5 times nothing happens one day, not two. If you do it for months the skin of the face can spoil.

An aggressive soap can irritate the skin, especially if it is sensitive. A mild glycerin soap you can find in any supermarket serves you for sensitive and normal skin. Soaps also neutral.

If you have acne skin with no specific soaps with clay or sulfur that can go very well. If you have questions in the pharmacy can recommend good for skin with acne soaps.

Do not use hot water or rub you with anything abrasive as a sponge or brush, acne skin is very susceptible to redden. There handmade soaps that carry different ingredients (depending on skin type) going great.

However exfoliate the skin once or twice a week is important to keep it healthy. According to Jeannette Graf, a dermatologist, as we age our own enzymes are not as effective to exfoliate the skin. Thus over the years the skin looks dull and rough. Use a gentle exfoliating once or twice a week at night is ideal.

You do not spend a lot of money. One tablespoon of oat bran with your soap always serves you for a gentle exfoliation of the face. For a slightly more intense half teaspoon of sugar and scrub your usual soap. If you have acne skin exfoliants used very soft, so we mentioned earlier this type of skin tends to become irritated and leave blotches.


After washing your face, apply moisturizer, or a few drops of baby oil is important for the skin retain more moisture, it protects the skin prevents drying out. Always moisturize after washing your face.

7-. Abusing “FACIAL WIPES”
Use them only in a pinch when you need a quick cleaning, but better not to use them on a daily basis. Not cleaned thoroughly even though you seem so leave residues on the skin. They are not comparable to wash your face with a suitable soap leave a few seconds soap and dry skin act.